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One of the essential aspects to be considered in losing or winning money whens engaged to sports betting lies on the balance between bets on the underdog or favorite. Standard risk management rule to start with is a ratio close to 40 percent on the underdogs and 60 percent on the favorites. This is just the right blend to play things safely on your bet.

Study the Figures

Bettors who shoot for the favorite are more likely to lose their money in the long run by risking bigger percent of their bankroll due to smaller returns.

As for more seasoned bettors, they are keeping a ratio of at least 50 percent on each.

The only time when these bettors go beyond 50 percent is when the underdogs value is presented clearly. The 5 breakeven percentages listed in the following lines are all based on standard odds as well as a 52.4 percent breakeven point.

-130 = 56.5%          +130 = 43.4%

-125 = 55.5%          +125 = 44.4%

-120 = 54.5%          +120 = 45.4%

-115 = 53.4%          +115 = 46.5%

-110 = 52.3%         +110 = 46.6%

Use it to Your Advantage

While majority of people feel inclined on betting to their favorites, these figures show a starting point where serious bettors are making their educated guess to use both underdogs and favorites to their advantage.