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While point spread is usually posted ahead of time for a given game, match or event, you would most of the time see that movement as the game is fast approaching. For the purpose of this article, let us use football as an example.

Strategizing the Odds

The oddsmakers are frequently posting point spread at least one week ahead before the official kick off of the game. They are doing this to give seasoned bettors the chance to bet into these lines. On the other hand, it gives them enough time to make the necessary adjustments.

This is also the same reason why sportsbooks are taking lower limit bets whenever the spread is posted for the first time. It enables them to make use of the opinions from experienced bettors into their advantage.

Adjusting to Profit

As a result, they are able to adjust their lines in which the public can bet in to. In the perfect world, sportsbooks will want to have almost equal action for each side. This way, they are going to collect vig or the additional cost in placing the bet that the bettors have to pay. Because at the end of the day, remember that sportsbooks are businesses, which act as the middleperson in making your bet happen.