If you would notice, many countries and states are embracing and legalizing sports betting. Don’t be surprised if the jargons used around it might soon become common among everyone. However, to some people, they are still feels intimidated to bet in sports.

A diehard fan of a team or athlete might have interests to make a bet on major leagues but can’t carry on because of the lack of knowledge they have. As a matter of fact, familiarizing yourself about these terminologies can do a lot. So if you are serious in sports betting, then read the next lines.

What are Favorites and Underdogs?

In the simplest explanation, underdogs are the team that is expected to lose the game or match by the fans. Favorites on the other hand are one’s expected to win.

The latter will always have a negative (-) sign next to its odds while the underdogs have a positive sign or (+).


There are also cases in which the line on the game reads as “PK”. This is an abbreviation for “Pick’em” or “Pick”. What this simply means is, oddmakers think that the matchup is even or in other words, there’s no underdog or favorite.