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There are so many ways that you could do in increasing the win rate of the bets you made. Not only to keep your finances in a good state but also, like what is mentioned, to increase your odds of success.

Basic Example

So say for example that you’ve made various bets on NCAA and NBA.

Someone who failed to monitor their bets might not realize that they’ve got higher percentage of winning with their NCAA bets than on the NBA.

Only if they are aware of it, then they will most probably just stick with NCAA and forego of the NBA for the meantime.

The smartphone applications at different sportsbooks come with history section in which bettors could easily get back on their previous results. In most cases, the history is customizable for a certain period of time like a week or a month.

Log Your Bets the Old-Fashion Way

It will be recommended as well to practice logging your bets in a notebook. By placing your bets under varying sport categories, it would be easier to notice where you are getting more success. As a result, you can fine tune your betting strategies and win more in the long run.