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The three major subthemes to reasons why people prefer live in-play are discussed in the following lines.

Reason number 1. Boosts Excitement

Betting on sport events give that heightened level of excitement and interest while watching the match. There are a lot of participants who commented that they are taking part in live betting because it is increasing their game engagement.

This is due to the reason that there’s the potential to win money if their bet prediction is correct.

Reason number 2. More Intense Matches

Also, there are some bettors who shared their experience with live betting as making the game more intense as they’re watching the match and making bets at the same time. Sports betting on the match while watching it make the game more interesting and exciting both emotionally and psychologically.

Reason number 3. Gambler’s Strategies are put to the Test

Bettors love doing live bets for they believe that they got the skill that will influence the result of their bets and as a result, it gives them a certain level of control. A lot of the bettors shared that as they are watching the game while betting on it, it lets them to evaluate the game status prior to placing their bets.