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The amount that someone must bet on sports will largely depend on their bankroll. Once again, when you are deciding on how much shall be deposited, you must not deposit in excess of what you could afford to lose.

Basic Bankroll Management

Think of an amount that you’re comfortable to lose, something that you can easily shrug off and that would not significantly affect your daily routine. By the time that you have made up your mind, make sure that you will not bet over 5 percent of your total bankroll for every bet made.

So to give you an example, your bankroll is at 1000 dollars. Now, this may be a conservative figure but following the 5 percent rule, this indicates that you should not bet more than 50 dollars for each bet.

What’s a Unit?

A very common jargon in the sports betting world that you must be familiar with is “units”. You might have read predictions from experts of what they are betting on. Most probably, you have also heard some of them saying that other bets are 5-unit or 1-unit play. In this case, a unit is equivalent to a dollar. Therefore, 1-unit is $1, 5-unit is $5 and so on.