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The world of sports betting is vast and wide. Thus, the jargons used in it may overwhelm you as a newbie. As a matter of fact, even seasoned bettors are sometimes feeling surprised when encountering something new.

What’s Middling?

For instance, there’s middling. It’s the practice that associates to finding and trying to exploit the line movement in sports betting.

One example for middling is to get the opening line of -3 on Houston Texans and taking +6 that you got from Baltimore Ravens few days after.

There are times as well in which lines are drastically moving from what they’re posted initially.

This happens in almost every sport but there’s no sport that can see its point spread to be impacted that much similar to football.

Middling Continued…

Furthermore, middling is quite common when doing over/under bets. You might opt to bet under 49 on Chiefs vs. Dolphins. While watching the game, you constantly check live lines and notice that over/under drops to 44. Eventually, you decided to bet over 44 feeling that it’s too good to pass up. In this case, 45-48 results in win on both bets and thus, it is a successful middle you have made.