It News Official Another Rigoni At Chievo

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of sportsbooks are adjusting their lines according to the amount of money they collected. This is contrary to what people think that they are doing it based on the amount of bet percentage. So let us say for example that Memphis Grizzlies and L.A Lakers are set to face off in a game, Lakers are associated with a 7.5 points favorite.

It isn’t Always what You Think is going to Happen

In the event that there are 100 bets made and 70 of them are for the Lakers, then you may be quick to conclude that the line will go to Lakers’. On the other hand, if the total money on Lakers is just 5000 dollars and the 30 for Grizzlies added up to 10000 dollars, then the line will still move to Memphis.

This is otherwise referred to us reverse line movement.

Sportsbooks will Balance it Out

Variable of the sharp money that comes from Memphis only means that the sportsbook is going to do anything that is within its reach to attract more action to Lakers. To avoid being exposed, the Lakers will most probably move to either a -6.5 or -7 points depending on the sharpness of the bets coming from the bettors.