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To ensure that you are doing business with reliable and trustworthy sportsbook, then make sure that you have taken the following into consideration.

What Cards are they Accepting?

Bear in mind that not all bookmakers you will come across are accepting all types of credit cards. To give you an example, American Express may be charging merchants with a higher fee compared to other cards. Thus, it isn’t a smart option when making deposits.

Instead, it is wise if you’d do research before registering to any sportsbook.

Charge for Cash Advance

There are credit cards and banks that are counting all deposits made in sportsbook as form of cash advance. If you have such card, then you might want to use a different one.

If it isn’t an option either, then better take into consideration of a payment gateway.

Fees for Payment Gateway

The fees associated for payment gateway are a critical factor to be taken into consideration if offered with several options. This is something not to be disregarded for it has a direct impact to your bankroll. As such, it needs to be thoroughly studied. Well, not to mention, the juices from other sportsbooks are going to vary.