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All too often, those who are planning to bet on their favorite team or athlete are going to their nearest sportsbooks to count their bets in. While this is a very convenient option among bettors, this isn’t always a very smart move.

It’s Convenient but is it the Best?

Yes it is true that it’s in our instinct to choose a sportsbook that’s nearest to us or perhaps, the one that provides the most intuitive app interface. The thing is, that’s not how the selection of the “best sportsbook” is made.

Not known to many, the betting lines vary significantly depending on the sportsbook you are transacting with.

While there could be some sportsbooks that might have a -3 line, the other could have a -4 line. Even that minute difference in points could cause a huge gap between pushes, loses or wins.

Take Your Time

With this being said, it is extremely important that you perform your due diligence in doing research for a sportsbook to bet on. As much as possible, try to shop around for best lines prior to making any bet on any team or athlete that you feel. Always keep in mind that the best sportsbook is one that can offer you the highest odds to win.