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Of course, there are sports books that are offering better options and odds to their live betting options. There are numerous seasoned bettors who even have specific book for their parlays, props betting, underdogs as well as favorites. In certain situation, these might be 4 individual sportsbooks that they are transacting with.

The idea here is to register for different sportsbooks that welcomes winners and have an interface for live betting that’s not requiring page refresh. Being able to have several accounts would let you to make the most of line shopping and even take advantage of arbitrage opportunities the moment they present themselves.

Wait, What’s Arbitrage?

Speaking of arbitrage, this is done when the bettor notices line differences as well as values between live line and the initial line posted that’s being offered. When it comes to pre-game betting, the arbitrage is a practice of spotting the difference in lines at various sportsbooks.

In order for this to become effective and successful, it will require bettors to get the biggest possible odds on any team.

Why is it Common?

Opportunities relevant to arbitrage are more common because of how sportsbooks are prepping their live lines, which is done through computer simulations and complex algorithms.