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A golden rule in sports betting is, the public always bet on overs and favorites. This is due to the very straightforward reason that, favorites are expected to win and overs are just more exciting when it’s set on action.

Having said that, sportsbooks normally put this in their lines and adding a couple more points to the favorite and to the overall total. This is in effort to boost the juice to -115 to over or to the favorite. When you are taking into account of a bet on favorite or over in any kind of sporting event, it is vital to take this into account. This may just save you your money later.

Establishing an Equal Action

Majority of the sportsbooks are also a business and thus, they’re trying to snatch equal-sided action on each team of the match.

Therefore, they’re trying to gather the “juice” off of losing bets because they know that bettors lose given big enough size.

Business is Business

With this in mind, sportsbooks are frequently shading the juice or the line in a manner that it would entice the bettors. Through this, they can have their action as soon as the game starts.