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In the world of sports betting, a lot of newbie have a misbelief that they just needed to win half of the time to be able to breakeven. While this totally makes sense, to someone who is clueless of sports betting, it is hard to justify.

It’s more than what You Thought

In reality, you have to win greater than 50 percent of your bets before you start realizing your winnings.

The hard fact is, square bettors ought to accept that 54 to 55 percent success rate is considered to be the ceiling among sharps to standard 11/10 sports bet or a risk of $11 to be able to win $10.

What amateur bettors don’t know as well is that, sportsbooks are taking 10 percent juice or also called as Vigorish from losing side of the bet placed. Therefore, not just that you’re competing against your own bet but also, you’ve got to overcome the vig.

Because of this, the bettor has to win 52.4 percent of the time in order to breakeven and to beat the vig. While this figure does not sound hard enough, bettors will have to win greater than 50 percent in an effort to compete.

Patience and Diligence

While this one isn’t impossible, it is not easy either and bettors would have to give in enough effort and time with regards to formulating their strategy and doing research.