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Simply speaking, live betting is whenever someone places action on any match or game that is underway. Sportsbooks normally offer odds and lines that are already adjusted as per the flow of the game as well as the current probability to win it.

Important Aspects not to Overlook

This is basically based on several factors which include:

  • Current score
  • Gamescript and;
  • Initial line

Sportsbooks are offering live betting on several betting options such as moneylines, spreads as well as over/under or totals. Then again, some books are offering live bet types like what would be the outcome of the next play or to what the possible result of the drive is going to be.

For bettors, live betting is all about how you can exploit the information you have to bet and use it on the ongoing game or contest.

Strategizing for Live Betting

Live betting is focused on when to play, what sport to play and when you should not play. These things should be accounted for to know when to approach. Not to mention, there are middling and hedging strategies that should be taken into consideration.

Keep this in mind, any experienced sports bettor will not jump into a decision without analyzing all factors in play.