Adding Another Facet to Online Casino and Sportsbook Gambling

  1. There’s a new kind of online casino gambling available at a website known as Stake Casino, adding another facet to gambling entertainment. Here, punters can bring their betting experience to another level, by staking wagers that can increase their chances of winning additional prizes.

Every time a gambler places bets at Stake online casinos or sportsbooks, the member’s casino account will automatically earn additional points. The extra points expand his chances of winning a share of the featured weekly jackpot.

To help illustrate, we present below two examples of the kind of betting options offered by Stake Casino.

Daily Race to Top the Leaderboard for the Regular Races

  • Online Casino Sports betting Online BettingFirst off, understand that this gambling option involves horse owners who pay fees to cover for nominating and running as well as maintaining eligibility of their race horse. Additional fees are paid when entering or starting a horse for the race. Such fees increase the amount of pooled money to be distributed among punters who placed bets on the winning horse.

Stake Casino on the other hand, maintains a Leaderboard to keep track of all Stake punters who won from the regular events of the Daily Race. At the end of the week, the Stake casino punter who landed a place as one of the 5000 winners, will win a prize money.

Winning a Share of the $75K Pool Prize

Another Stakes Betting option is the weekly $75K Prize Pool, to which all punters who have placed at least $1,000 bets at Stake Casino, qualify to receive tickets that could win them the $7,500 prize money at stake weekly.
There is no limit to the number of tickets that a Stake Casino punter can have. More tickets denote greater chances of winning the $7.5K jackpot. Tickets are also available to Stakes Casino members who place bets on sports matches. Actually, sports betting offers greater opportunities because there is a broad range of betting products on which to place wagers; from football, basketball, baseball, boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and even eSports, which is just to mention a few.

Signing Up as a Member to Become Eligible

To become an eligible participant in Stake Casino’s additional betting options, one must sign up as a member. Rest assured that there’s no hassle involved since one can use his Facebook, Google or Twitch account as they are verified sources of identification information.