Are sports betting games of chance?

Even if sports bets are included in the category of gambling, it is not the same level as casino games, bingo, 스타홀덤poker, etc.

Sports betting is based on the development of real events

Football, tennis, basketball and other matches are real events. While at the casino or bingo games there are only virtual “platforms”. You actually have no way to control. You cannot anticipate their unfolding.

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Such games must be included in the category of gambling, where the player has not the slightest “power”, and his decisions are made “by ear”. Also, bets are not placed “by chance”, but they come after an analysis.

Lottery enthusiasts would say that they also “analyze” the chances of numbers appearing, but it is not the same. They are based only on some mathematical statistics that can be easily turned upside down because there is no repetitiveness in the draws, but everything is random.

Surely you have heard of bettors who live exclusively from sports betting. This can be enough to prove that betting is not gambling. This luck cannot last indefinitely, so whoever wins constantly from betting certainly has other qualities. Examples of these qualities are patience, perseverance, information, etc.

Gambling versus sports betting

In the case of video slots, poker or bingo, winnings are much rarer and may only happen once in a lifetime. So in such situations, luck is the only thing that has led to success. A sports betting player can always improve.

In betting, if a number of rules are followed, the chances of success increase considerably. On the other hand, in the case of gambling, you cannot increase these chances in any way, and failure is always due to bad luck.

In already better-developed countries, people can clearly differentiate between gambling and sports betting. There are also professional tipsters. People who know a certain sport in detail and come up with very useful information to choose the winning bets.

The so-called ‘paid tips’ or ‘paid picks’ have become a way for some to earn a living. Rest assured that no one would pay a betting professional if this game was just a gamble. There are people who decide to invest in betting and see it as a real business. In conclusion, sports betting is NOT a game of chance but should be considered more of a long-term investment.