Most Common Football Betting Errors

Every football bettor makes mistakes from time to time. Maybe you bet unprepared for a victory for FC Utrecht, simply because this is your favorite club. You become blinded by being a fan, while the Utrechters have little chance of winning on paper. So not a good idea. It is also possible that you once bet your entire monthly budget on one bet, purely in the hope of a big hit. If you’ve lost, you’ll probably never do this again.

Placing bets without a clear strategy

At the bookmakers, many beautiful matches and bets can be found. It is therefore tempting to just scroll through the list of competitions on your Sunday off and bet on a few interesting duels without thinking. A bet makes the football weekend a lot more exciting, right? But if you want to make a profit in the long run, you really need a better strategy. Betting randomly on football matches is simply not going to get you anywhere.

Be guided by the popularity of competitions

Is it time again for the Eredivisie squatter between Feyenoord and Ajax? Or can’t you wait for El Clásico between Real and Barcelona to start in a few days? There is a good chance that you are already thinking about your bet. Yet you are already one step ahead. You should first ask yourself whether these matches are really suitable for betting. Successful gamblers keep their ROI (Return of Investment) constantly monitored. After all, this percentage indicates exactly whether the bets have been profitable so far or not.

Poor bankroll management creates unnecessarily large risks

You may not care much for the financial side of gambling. Of course, you want to win money, but you don’t really think about the stake and your gambling budget. You just bet the amount that feels right at that moment and then you see what happens. This way of betting can be very dangerous. Sometimes you are so convinced of your own prediction that you become overconfident and raise the stakes again. Because if you don’t dare, you can forget that big bang! That’s right, but the most successful gamblers aren’t looking for that one big hit either. They build their bankroll gradually so that they can limit the risks.

100% trust in the bookmaker’s statistics

The old adage ‘knowledge is power certainly applies to the football world. That’s why you start every bet by looking at the statistics. But as important as those statistics are, there is more to it than just the goal difference, the percentage of possession or the number of victories in mutual duels. And that extra information cannot be found in the statistics. If you only trust what the statistics tell you, you are selling yourself short.

Go by the odds in the match

You make an estimate of the match and based on that you bet money. But at the same time, you also look at the odds with an oblique eye. Suppose you expect FC Groningen to win the next round. The bookmaker can then upset you. Because what do you do if it turns out that the odds at the Groningers are 3.35, while the opponent has 2.50 behind his name? You may be tempted to follow the bookmaker and jettison your own estimation. However, you have to bear in mind that the bookies regularly put it next to it. Their analysis is really not sacred. Although an extra check around injuries, suspensions, and other football news at these moments is certainly not a bad idea.

Keep betting to make up for losses

Losing is part of football betting. With good preparation, you limit the number of losses, but it is still no guarantee of success. Surprises in football happen, even when a top club like Paris Saint-Germain plays against the number 12 in the league. Of course, it sucks when you lose. At the same time, remember that losing is part of it and accept that you have lost the bet.

Listen to your emotions, not your mind

In the same category as before… never let your emotions rule you. This only leads to bad decisions. The trick is to keep your cool and trust your betting strategy. If you find yourself losing control of your emotions, it’s time to stop. Tomorrow is another day, and that day offers new opportunities. There are times in your life when it’s easier to turn off your mind and follow your emotions.

Raising the odds with too risky combi bets

Many gamblers hope to make money quickly. Combi bets are ideal in that regard. You combine several bets on your betting slip, which ensures increased odds. And that increase can add up quickly. The odds of all bets you make are multiplied by each other. There is, of course, something to that. Because you take advantage of these increased odds, you have to get all your predictions right. If one bet is lost, you lose the entire bet.

Forgot to grab those nice bonus promotions

You are smart with your bets. You prepare the matches well, keep an eye on your bankroll, and every now and then you even go for a responsible combi bet. In the heat of the game, you can just forget that there are also bonus actions. So regularly check the promotion page of your bookmaker or sign up for an e-mail service. Most bookies like to keep you informed about the various bonuses through this route. You usually don’t get very rich from a bonus promotion. But a free bet, cashback bonus, or risk-free bet is a nice bonus. You get a few euros for free play money, which can be good for some extra profit. Or maybe you dare to take a little more risk because you simply get the stake back in the event of a lost bet. Bonus promotions are so popular among gamblers for a reason.