Popularity Of Sports Betting

Who doesn’t like to watch sports? We sit en masse in front of the TV when the Dutch national team plays a European Championship or World Cup. And major tournaments such as the Olympic Games and the Tour de France are also good for large groups of viewers. Now you can of course sit back and enjoy a match in peace. But actually, it is much more fun if you can also earn some money with your passion for sports. You can do this by betting on sports in the form of a sports bet. Because if you already know who is going to win, why not go for a bet? A well-predicted bet also provides you with nice pocket money. And what about the more serious gamblers where sometimes bets are won with a win amount of thousands of euros.

Betting on the great horse races

Sports betting has grown thanks to horse racing. It doesn’t matter whether Sweden’s Mantorp Park or Britain’s Ascot Racecourse is the scene of the competition, bets are made wherever horses race. You can also bet on horses at a few online bookmakers. Especially specialized bookmakers such as Runnerz have an extensive range. For example, go for ‘double winning’, where you bet on the horse that will win the next two races. Or choose a place bet and let the bookmaker know which horses make the top 3. Other popular bets such as ‘couple’, ‘place couple’, ‘duo’, ‘trio disorder’ or V4′ are of course a great alternative.

Bet on football matches from around the world

Betting has moved from equestrian sports to football. And not without success, because nowadays the vast majority of gamblers opt for a football bet like online gambling in Malaysia. Among other things, you can bet on the winner of the duel with a popular 1×2 bet. Do you not only go for the winning team, but also for the number of goals? Then the correct score bet is ideal. In addition, focus on the halftime and final score with a half-time/full-time bet. Or maybe you think you know which player will score the first goal of the match? With the Asian Handicap, you can even give one of the teams a virtual head start. So you decide for yourself in which way you make them match extra exciting.

Betting on tennis: from Grand Slams to small ATP tournaments

In terms of popularity, betting on tennis is certainly in the top 3. There are plenty of bets to choose from in this sport. For example, fans of the Grand Slams can bet money on the player who will win the prestigious Wimbledon or Roland Garros this year. If you prefer to focus on a single match, bet on the number of sets played or the total number of games. You can even predict whether both tennis players will manage to win at least one set. The great thing about tennis is that there are competitions all year round. There are dozens of ATP and WTA tournaments on the schedule, some on grass, some on clay, and some on hard court. These different surfaces require different game types. That is what makes every tournament interesting.

Betting on the fast-paced world of Formula 1

Fans of fast cars can indulge themselves by betting on Formula 1. This premier class of motorsport is all about the collaboration between man and machine. The driver has to be good, the team has to work out the right strategy, and last but not least: the car has to be reliable and have enough power to beat the competition. During each race weekend, you can bet on qualifying or on the race itself. Who will start from the pole and which driver will eventually win the race? The fastest race lap is also good for a bet. Or how about a head-to-head bet? You then only have to wonder which of the two selected drivers will reach the finish line first. With such a bet, even fighting in the rear can cause tension.

Betting on darts

In a darts match, the players only hope for one thing: the arrows must land exactly where the darts player has set his mind. This immediately yields some nice bets. Because ask yourself who throws the most 180’s or who manages to finish the match with a 9-darter. In addition, you can focus on the winner of the duel or on the number of sets/legs that are played. Usually, a darts match is part of a tournament. So you can also choose to focus on the big picture. Which darter succeeds in beating opponent after opponent in order to eventually win the tournament? If you pass on the winner to the bookmaker early in the tournament, you will undoubtedly benefit from great odds.