Spectacular Bets On Sports That Appear To Be Unthinkable

Every now and then you read about sports betting that is closed against all conceivable odds. They’re about thousands of dollars, and one of the players wins that huge amount. Especially the bets where the odds of winning are 100 to 1 or even worse. Insane to start with, of course, but if you have the guts, they will yield very nice amounts.

Exceptional sports betting
We have made a list of bets that have made quite an impression on us. Because it often involves exceptional performance. Perhaps after reading these bets you also feel called to place such a special bet, like in food you need to read the details first (먹튀검증) before you eat…. after all, you never know.

Win with a safety
Safety is a term from American Football that indicates that a certain (special) way has been scored. Scoring via a safety is not too common and certainly not during one of the most important games in American Football, the Super Bowl. And yet Jona Rechnitz placed $ 1000 on a specific bet in 2012. With a 50 to 1 chance of winning, he predicted that the first point of the Super Bowl that year would be safety. He also managed to indicate which team would score via the safety. He was proved right and paid a whopping $ 50,000. A remarkable detail is that he subsequently donated all his profit to charity.

Playing golf in the scorching sun
Okay, it may not have been an official sports bet, but it’s too good to leave out of this list. Professional poker player Erick Lindgren made a special bet with his poker buddy Phil Ivey and a few other players. He bet he could play golf all day in the searing heat of a Las Vegas golf course. He had to carry his own bag, walk to every hole, and score under 100 on every round. He hiked 45 kilometers in the scorching sun that day, did 72 holes, and received $ 350,000 at the end of the day. Not bad for a day of golf instead of poker.

Unlimited fan confidence
A fan of the American baseball team the St Louis Cardinals had unprecedented faith in his team. He made the bet that his team would make it to the playoffs. At that point, the team was five places away from a wildcard position. And yet he put down $ 250 against a 500 to 1 odds. It didn’t stop there. The loyal fan then also made a bet that his team would not only make it to the play-offs but also win them. Again, he bet $ 250, at an even lower chance of winning, namely 999 to 1. You guessed it: he was right. The St Louis Cardinals reached the playoffs in 2011 and went on to win them. The boundless trust in his team earned the frenzied fan a tidy sum of $ 375,000.