Sports Betting Industry Little-Known Facts


Sports betting is popular these days, in case you haven’t heard. With so many gamblers shifting their focus away from table games and toward sports betting, newcomers who haven’t been around the block before are only now learning the industry’s secrets. Finally, my goal is to leave readers prepared and ready to compete with sportsbooks on a level playing field. On that note, buckle up for a crash course in the sports betting industry’s best kept secrets.



Ancient Greeks and Romans were the First Sports Bettors

Most sports fans are aware that the modern Olympic Games as we know them today were created millennia ago by the ancient Greeks. While there was no proper sports betting back then, viewers watching their athletic legends wrestle and race undoubtedly betted on the results. The Greeks gave way to the Romans, who transformed athletic competition into the grand spectacle that fans enjoy today by placing gladiators against each other in the famed Stadium.


You No Longer Need to Travel to Las Vegas to Place for Legal Sports Bet

Nevada was a bit late in the game with strictly controlled sports gambling, starting up in 1951 thanks to a 10percent federal income tax on the Silver State’s bookmakers. That was twenty years after sports betting was made legal, but visitors and residents in Nevada can still place bets through safe, secure, and trustworthy betting companies. Sports betting continues to remain the realm of underground “bookmakers” who did business in barrooms and back alleys all throughout United States of America.