Sports betting laws in different countries

If you are a gambler you only need to use a website like judi online that is properly licensed and regulated, but if they are operating illegally there should be cause for concern. You should focus on the information provided as the various laws are clear and concise and you will be safe.


Gambling in Belgium

This is the EU headquarters. The diverse cultural activities and trade favor gambling, which can be traced back to 1300. In contrast to most other EU countries, gambling is legal in Belgium.

The Belgian Gambling Act stipulates that every operator who operates online sports betting in the region must also acquire a license to operate a land-based operation in the state.



Gambling and betting are an integral part of German culture. It is considered a pastime and led to the boom in the industry. It goes without saying that football is the most popular sport in the country, and that’s because they have won the FIFA World Cup four times, been silver medals for four years and third place four times!



Italy has very strict laws when it comes to gambling. The permitted operators were only two, the Horse Breeders Enhancement Society and the National Olympic Committee. Nevertheless, when the European Commission inspected the matter and discovered that the practices violated the EEC Treaty on Freedom to Provide Services across borders, things changed from 2010.

The Netherlands

There are very few sports betting websites and online casinos willing to host their websites in the Netherlands. Online gambling is considered a serious enemy of the government and the only operators are only allowed to offer their services to Dutch players. This led to massive illegal gambling, which is why the state relaxed its laws to allow some of the largest and most popular websites to operate in the Netherlands.


The United Kingdom

The boom in the gambling industry in Great Britain is attributed to the Gambling Act, which came into force in 2007, and the constant development of online betting systems and games. It is considered to be one of the countries with the most gambling-friendly regulations in the world. Many types of gambling are permitted, including online gambling and sports betting.  The king of the sport here is football and also the player’s choice when betting online.