There are no guarantees either, because at the end of the day, chance often decides whether your bet will go up or not. Football, in particular, is known for writing the craziest stories. Want to learn how to make sports betting? You can visit fazer aposta multipla.

Handicap Betting

In football, when a team is very superior to its opponent, a classic victory bet on that team is very rarely worthwhile. Many bookmakers offer their customers a clever solution to this dilemma – the handicap bet. In doing so, the supposedly weaker opponent is given a head start, which is added to the later, actual result. For example, the favorite starts with a fictitious 0:2 backlog, which only plays a role on your bet slip, but significantly improves your odds. If this favorite finally wins the game by at least three goals, you win too. The relevant result for you and your bet slip is then 3:2.

Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap is a particularly popular form of classic handicap bet in Asia. Again, there are many different variants and markets that are eligible for Asian Handicap betting. Not only do you have the chance to increase your odds by letting the favorite start the game with a backlog. You can also add more hurdles to your bet that will increase your odds even further. So your team could start with a 0:1 backlog, but must also win the game with two goals difference at the end.

Half-time / Final score

The most used bet is the 1/X/2 bet. You bet either Team 1 on victory, Team 2 on victory or on X (draw). Crucially, the outcome of the bet is based on the final result after the regular game time (90+ minutes). With a heavily favored opponent, this bet might not be particularly rewarding. With the half-time/final score strategy, you can divide the game into those same sections. There are many different variants to bet on.

Head to Head

A Head to Head bet (H2H) is a direct comparison between two competitors. This means that you can exclude other contestants from your bet. For example, if you only consider two sprinters to win the 100m at the Olympic Games, an H2H bet is a good option. H2H betting is also very popular in Formula One or horse racing, where this betting strategy originates. So only two outputs are possible. Either athlete A wins, or athlete B.

Double chance

Do you believe in a team’s victory, but can you imagine that the game could end with a draw? If you can rule out a victory of the opposing team, you are here at the right address. You significantly minimize your risk by betting on two outputs – for example, victory and a draw.

Of course, the lower risk is also reflected in the offered quota. Accordingly, “double chance” bets make the most sense in games where there is no home-grown favorite, or They believe that the outsider can create a surprise. From a quota point of view, such bets are usually only interesting if you bet on the underdog.

Cornerball Betting

Corner ball betting is all about the sometimes more, sometimes less dangerous standards of the corner flags. Depending on the provider, you can bet on a wide variety of events. In addition to the popular “Total more than xy corners in the game”, you can also bet on which team gets the first corner, or when the first corner is given. In addition, there are many other possibilities on the corner ball market.

For clever corner ball bets, above all shots on goal and flanks are crucial. The more often a team searches for completion or hits sharp flanks into the danger zone, the more likely it is that the ball will be cleared or falsified to the corner ball. So, in live betting, watch the stats of the current game (provided in many bookmakers’ apps). Corner ball betting is especially popular with Bundesliga bets, as there are often fewer than many corners and the odds for an Under 9.5 corners are often really good.