Tennessee Sports Teams – Which One to Bet On!

Since sports betting in Tennessee is already legalized, novice bettors may have a chance to wager on their fave sports team. However, before putting your money on, you must have an idea about some sports betting tips. Part of it is knowing which sports team is the best one to bet on.

The Tennessee Sports Teams

It would be a stretch to call Tennessee a great sports destination without a major league baseball team or a national championship between its top pro football and basketball teams. Yet, here are the sports team in Tennessee that you should know:

Tennessee Titans

The Houston Oilers were the franchise’s original name before the NFL was formed. The Oilers won back-to-back AFL Championships in their first two seasons in the old AFL, in 1960 and 1961.

The franchise didn’t move to Tennessee until 1997 when it was renamed the Tennessee Oilers for two seasons before being renamed the Titans. That name change came so close to bringing glory from the start.

Memphis Grizzlies

In 2001, this Tennessee-based franchise was one of two Canadian teams accepted into the NBA. The Vancouver Grizzlies were given their current name after that.

Nashville Predators

Outstanding players like Shea Weber and Mike Fisher graced the Bridgestone Arena during the 2013-2014 season, but the Predators have had amazing players on the ice throughout their history.