The Funniest Prop Bets for Sports Betting

If you place a wager on a contest that does not actually require the final game score, that wager is known as a prop bet. This basically applies to the individual performances to place on banks or to bet into. The objective here is to find the weaknesses of the individual players or of the whole team.

Well, it may seem different depending on the type of sport. But, prop bet usually creates the funniest and the most thrilling betting experiences.

To have an idea about it, here are some of the sports betting prop bets that will either make you win or lose the game:

“No Runs First Inning” – MLB

The No Runs First Inning (NRFI) prop bet works when a bettor wins when the initial six outs of a game come. This is a more exciting prop bet that will give you a quick outcome.

“First Period Over” – NHL

If you are looking for a bet on offense in NHL, the FIPO or the First Period Over is the funniest prop bet to make. Cashing here does not take a long time similar to that of the NRFI.

“Anytime Touchdown Scorer” – NFL

On this prop bet, you can actually bet on various players and prevent fettering yourself to a single athlete.