The Legality of Sports Betting Ads in Alberta

Despite changes to the rules in 2021, the market trend for internet sports betting persists.

You’ve almost seen ads if you’ve viewed any NHL or NBA games this spring season. Flashy commercials presenting viewers to new online sports betting services, some including famous names like Aaron Paul, Wayne Gretzky, and, eventually, most likely, Auston Matthews.

Surprisingly, based on the statement of Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis or AGLC, those sites are prohibited in Alberta.

It’s prohibited for someone to be providing unregulated bets to Albertans.

The Effects of Increased Gambling Advertisements

Aside from the legal issue, some public health professionals are concerned about the sheer volume of advertisements. When young individuals reach legal age, it tends to encourage them to become more involved.

Celebrity endorsements make the ad and message more unforgettable, and if the advertiser is regarded as having positive attributes, this improves consumers’ perceptions of the product, as well as brand loyalty.

It wreaks havoc on families, as with alcoholism or any other disorder.

Absence of Repercussions

Lautischer blames federal agencies and media for airing ads for websites that aren’t controlled in Alberta. With sports bookmakers still pushing for new territories and several sports still in the playoffs, Williams predicted that the marketing will continue.