Types of Online Betting Strategies You may Try

Do you have any idea of what does a parlay means in gambling? Basically, this is just one of the many jargons that you would have to get used to as soon as you step into the world of gambling whether it is offline or in.

What’s an Online Betting System?

An online betting system is giving bettors that pattern to help them increase their earnings by providing various strategies to win. A betting system might be otherwise called a “staking formula” or “staking plans”. As we proceed in this article, you are going to discover different staking plans that you may apply to your betting strategies, or you may not.

Martingale Staking Plan

In this plan, it uses progressively betting more whenever you lose. For instance, you kicked off at 100 dollars and lose, then you have to double it on your next bet. You keep doubling your bet until the time that you win. While the more you lose in every round, the rewards can be extremely high once you win!

D’Alembert Betting Theory

Almost similar to Martingale plan, this system works by increasing your bets in a more gradual pattern. The slower increase in the stakes is an indication that it is less likely that your bets would be impossible to bankroll. At the same time, it will not let you recover the losses you incurred quickly as with Martingale. Though, it is good enough in mitigating risks.

In this method, it is assuming that there is a balance in even money bets. Statistically, you must win the same number of bets that you’ve lost. With this assumption, you pick a percentage of the total bankroll for every bet. Ideally, go for 1 to 5 percent of your total bankroll.

Labouchere Betting System

As for this betting system, it is splitting your bets into multiple bet amounts. The bet amounts are basically units that total the value of how much you want to win. Therefore, if you are shooting to win 100 dollars, then you have to divide this number into smaller groups such as 10, 10, 20, 20 and 40. After making your initial bet, your possible winnings have to be put in your first unit and your last unit.

In the event that you, unfortunately, have a losing streak, then keep adding your bet to the end. If you win, however, then you get to cross off the first as well as the last unit.