Sports betting has become more and more popular in recent years, which is also due to the different sports you can tap. The betting offer varies per provider, with almost all of us known betting providers having at least between 10 and 20 different sports in their portfolio.

Not only sports are subject to certain rules, but also the respective bets on them have their special features, which you should definitely know before betting. So that you don’t have to dig through the entire terms and conditions of the betting providers, we introduce you to the most popular sports for betting. Visit kiss918 download if you are looking for an online casino services.

Golf Betting

Golf has long been regarded as an elitist sport, but in recent years it has opened up to other sections of society. For the online betting agencies, however, golf has been part of the portfolio for a long time, as there are always customers who bet mainly on the traditional tournaments of the PGA Tour or the legendary Ryder Cup.

Popular betting types are long-term bets on a tournament winner or head to head bets between two participating players. You can find out how to use golf for your passion for betting and which providers are the best fit.

Virtual sports betting

In virtual sports betting, you don’t rely on “real” sports, but on ones simulated by the betting provider – like football at FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer on the PlayStation, only that there are no people sitting at the controllers here. To bet on virtual sports betting, the betting provider provides statistics. He cannot, of course, influence the outcome after placing the bet.

Since virtual sports betting is not based on real events, they can also be offered at times when the betting program is normally empty. You can tap the following virtual sports bets from most betting providers:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Dog racing
  • Horse racing

Above, you can see what virtual football looks like at Interwetten. You can tap on betting types like 1X2 or Over/Under and then follow the simulated football game directly. Usually a game lasts two to three minutes.

Darts Betting

Every year from mid-December to the beginning of January, the entire sports world seems to be in darts fever, when the arrows fly at the PDC World Darts Championship in London’s Ally Pally and the former pub sport lures the crowds in front of the TV.

Especially at this time, when many other sports are paused, there is also an increasing run on darts betting. Especially the British betting providers such as bet365 or William Hill, which has already acted as the official sponsor of the World Cup on several occasions, stand out here with a wide range of bets.

Boxing Betting

Boxing betting is more of a niche topic in some countries, which only comes into focus at certain events. Since 2017, when McGregor and Mayweather competed in a media-hyped duel, online betting providers have offered a wide range of betting options for larger fights, with a special feature. Although there can theoretically be a draw in boxing, most bookmakers offer only a two-way bet on the winner and refund the bet in the unlikely event of a draw.

Dog Race Betting

In dog racing betting, it is usually tapped to see which greyhound runs first on a 480-meter lap. Similar to the horse bets, however, there are also the possibilities of a place bet, i.e. which dogs take the first two or three places and the option to type the placements in correct order. Some providers who have included dog racing as a sport in their portfolio also show them in a free live stream.

Formula 1 Betting

Motorsport does not receive as much attention in sports betting as one might assume. One exception is Formula 1, which is strongly supported by the media in Germany even after the era of Michael Schumacher and is in the portfolio of many bookmakers. Betting options range from betting on the winner of the race and/or qualifying, the winning team to adding long-term bets on who achieves the most wins or podium finishes in a season.